QCE20 Sessions Explorer

This QCE20 Sessions Explorer will help you onboard to the Hubb virtual platform. Its functionality and filters are similar to the Hubb Sessions Explorer you will encounter during IEEE Quantum Week. Explore the QCE20 Sessions by searching and filtering for your favorite people, topics, and keywords. For example, use Filters, such as Keynotes, Tutorials, Workshops, or Exhibits, to find the sessions of program tracks for the Week or a Day. Use the Search Text Box to search for specific paper or poster sessions, such "QIA" or " POS3" to list the Technical Papers in the Quantum Information and Algorithms track or Poster Session 3. Search for "Matsuura" to display the sessions where Keynote Speaker Anne Matsuura, Intel Labs is featured. Search for IBM, Microsoft, or Honeywell to find the sessions our Platinum sponsors are featured.