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QCE20 VirtualA Big Thank You To Our Financial Co-Sponsors

The organizers of IEEE Quantum Week 2020 sincerely thank all our IEEE Financial Co-Sponsors for supporting our mission of building a premier meeting series of quantum minds and advance quantum computing, engineering, and technology. We deeply appreciate your leadership, support, and investment in the inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE).

IEEE Quantum InitiativeIEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative launched in 2019 and serves as IEEE’s leading community for all projects and activities on quantum technologies. IEEE Quantum will be supported by leadership and representation across IEEE Societies and OUs. The initiative is developing a project plan to address the current landscape of quantum technologies, identify challenges and opportunities, leverage and collaborate with existing initiatives, and engage the quantum community at large.

IEEE Computer SocietyThe IEEE Computer Society, a not-for-profit organization, is the world’s home for computer science, engineering, and technology. A global leader in providing access to computer science research, analysis, and information, the IEEE Computer Society offers a comprehensive array of unmatched products, services, and opportunities for individuals at all stages of their professional career. Known as the premier organization that empowers the people who drive technology, its unparalleled resources include, international conferences, peer-reviewed publications, a unique digital library, standards, and training programs. Visit for more information.

IEEE Communications SocietyThe IEEE Communications Society promotes technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among the global technical community. The Society provides services to members for their technical and professional advancement and forums for technical exchanges among professionals in academia, industry, and public institutions.

IEEE Council on SuperconductivityThe IEEE Council on Superconductivity and its activities and programs shall be to cover the science and technology of superconductors and their applications, including materials and their applications for electronics, magnetics, and power systems, where the superconductor properties are central to the application.

IEEE Photonics SocietyThe IEEE Photonics Society forms the hub of a vibrant technical community of more than 100,000 professionals dedicated to transforming breakthroughs in quantum physics into the devices, systems and products to revolutionize our daily lives. From ubiquitous and inexpensive global communications via fiber optics, to lasers for medical and other applications, to flat-screen displays, to photovoltaic devices for solar energy, to LEDs for energy-efficient illumination, there are myriad examples of the society’s impact on the world around us.