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QCE20 Virtual

IEEE Quantum Week aims to provide attendees the unique opportunity to see the latest quantum technologies that will shape our exciting quantum future. Exhibits will feature the latest quantum technologies and accomplishments from the world’s leading companies, start-ups, national labs, research institutes, and universities. Exhibits are a great opportunity to showcase emerging products, tools, services, and posters. Discover the latest technologies, products, solutions, and services from cutting-edge quantum computing and engineering innovators joining us from around the world. The Quantum Week exhibits will feature daily receptions to facilitate networking with participants of the rapidly growing quantum computing community.


QCE20 Format and Schedule

QCE20 will be held in a digital-only or virtual-only format during the week of Oct 12-16, 2020. QCE20 was originally scheduled to be held in Broomfield, Colorado which is in the Mountain Time Zone (MT) or UTC-6. The QCE20 daily program will be broadcast from 8:30 to 19:45 Mountain Time. Recorded sessions will be available for registered QCE20 attendees a few hours after the live sessions until November 30, 2020. Every day of this week, QCE20 hosts 9-10 parallel tracks of quantum computing and engineering programming including Workshops, Tutorials, Technical Paper Tracks intermixed with Keynotes, Panels, Exhibits, Posters, Birds of a Feather, and Networking sessions featuring a total of over 270 hours of programming.

Important Deadlines

Due: August 21, 2020

  • Quarter page ad for September Quantum Computing issue of ComputingEdge
  • Online Program Guide Ad
  • Posting on Jobs Board for the month of September

Due: August 28, 2020

  • Product Highlight Email Pre/Post Show
  • Video Commercials
  • Video presentation during Supporter Session
  • Video presentation before keynote


QCE20 Platinum
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IBM Quantum Experience
Microsoft Quantum
Honeywell Quantum

QCE20 Gold
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Quantropi Inc.
Zapata Computing

QCE20 Silver
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NC State University
Intel Labs
Toptica Photonics
Keysight Technologies
Quantum Machines
Aliro Quantum
Zurich Instruments
Oxford Instruments

QCE20 Bronze
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Delft Circuits

Elyah Qubit Workbench
NetLabs Uruguay


QCE20 Supporters
Exhibitors & Sponsors

Los Alamos National Laboratory
University of Victoria
Harrisburg University
Geosync Microwave.
IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (TQE)
IEEE Entrepreneurship


Exhibit Topics — including, but not limited to …

Quantum Computing — Quantum programming, software engineering; quantum advantage; development environments, languages & tools; software stack & infrastructure; hybrid computing; adiabatic computing; hardware-software co-design; quantum simulators; checking quantum computers
Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Computation & Quantum Information — Quantum information science; NISQ algorithms; algorithms & complexity; theoretical & empirical algorithm analysis; adiabatic annealing; Hamiltonian dynamics
Quantum Applications & Simulating Nature — NISQ applications; simulations of chemical, biological & physical systems; quantum chemistry & materials; optimization problems—transportation, supply chain & logistics; AI and decision making; medicine & precision health; financial modeling, services & portfolio management; manufacturing & mining; machine learning & big data analytics
Quantum Engineering — Quantum computers, hardware & NISQ; superconducting & trapped ion circuits; topological& silicon spin qubits; quantum dots; connectivity & topology; connectivity & topology, quantum error correction
Quantum Benchmarks & Measurements — Quantum measures & benchmarks, quantum volume & fidelity, quantum metrology; gate & measurement errors, connectivity & topology, quantum error correction
Quantum Communications, Sensing & Cryptography — Communications theory; quantum internet; quantum signal processing; quantum error correction & mitigation; coding theory; quantum security & privacy; quantum cryptography & quantum key distribution (QKD), post-quantum cryptography; teleportation
Quantum Photonics & Optics — Quantum photonics & optics; photonics information technologies; photonics quantum computing; quantum integrated photonics; quantum photonics devices; optical quantum communications theory; optical coherence; silicon quantum photonics
Quantum Education & Training — Ramping up quantum workforce; undergraduate & graduate courses in quantum computing, information science, algorithms, applications; quantum standards; quantum teachers training; quantum summer schools; quantum ecosystems