Posters Committee

QCE20 VirtualWe greatly appreciate the dedication, commitment, and hard work of the Posters Committee in recruiting and reviewing posters in the process of developing and orchestrating an innovative Posters Program for the inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE20). QCE20 Posters program presents excellent opportunities for graduate students, undergraduate students, researchers, and practitioners to showcase their work and engage with the international quantum computing R&D community.

Posters Committee Co-Chairs

Ulrike Stege
Ulrike Stege
University of Victoria
Posters Co-Chair
Andreas Bergen

Posters Committee Members

  • Mehdi Bozzo-Rey, IBM Canada
  • Eric Brown, Agnostiq Labs
  • Nikitas Dimopoulos, University of Victoria
  • Tom Markham, Honeywell Quantum Solutions