Biography of Kae Nemoto

Quantum information research is an emerging area of focus for physicists. In 2019, IEEE Future Directions launched IEEE Quantum, an initiative that serves as IEEE’s leading community for all projects and activities on quantum technologies. And this year, the organization will be hosting IEEE Quantum Week 2020, featuring the first-ever IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering. Quantum Week, which will take place 12-16 October, will bring the international quantum community together virtually to showcase quantum research, practice, applications, standards, education, and training.

Dr. Kae NemotoOne of the keynote speakers at the event will be Kae Nemoto, a Japanese theoretical physicist recognized for her research on photonics, superradiance, quantum energy transport, and linear optical quantum computing. This article provides a biography of Kae Nemoto, highlighting her background in quantum information science as well as her notable accomplishments, publications, and current work.

Background in quantum information science

A physicist by training, Nemoto began her studies at Tokai University. After completing her undergraduate studies, she completed her graduate work at Ochanomizu Women’s University in Tokyo, earning a doctor of philosophy in theoretical physics. Following her graduate studies, she spent several years as a postdoctoral fellow in both Australia and the United Kingdom. During this time outside of Japan, she expanded her research focus to include quantum computer science and technology.

Dr. Nemoto’s current research interests include the following:

  • architectures for distributed quantum computation
  • communication and metrology system and device designs
  • quantum networks
  • quantum computer languages and compilation
  • hybrid and complex quantum systems.

Recently, Dr. Nemoto has focused on the concept of distributed quantum information processing, which relies on quantum signaling between quantum devices and systems. More specifically, she has researched the feasibility and advantages of this form of quantum data transmission and has discussed recent developments with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds.

Notable accomplishments

Dr. Nemoto became an associate professor at the National Institute for Informatics (NII) in Tokyo, Japan, in 2003. While a professor at the NII, Dr. Nemoto has actively collaborated with international researchers, including Sam Braunstein at the University of York, Gerard Milburn at the University of Queensland, and Mio Murao at the University of Tokyo. She has also collaborated with the Quantum Information Processing group at Hewlett Packard Labs.

In recognition of her research achievements, Dr. Nemoto received a 2008 Hewlett Packard Labs Research Innovation award. And in 2010, she became a full professor at the NII. Since then, Dr. Nemoto has become a fellow in the Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society, in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

Research publications and citations

The number of publications in the field of quantum information science is growing rapidly, along with the field as a whole. And Dr. Nemoto has certainly contributed to this publication growth. As her Semantic Scholar profile shows, Dr. Nemoto has 235 publications on record with 6,763 citations. Notably, 144 of her publications have received the scientific search engine’s designation of “highly influential” due to their impact in the field.

The IEEE Xplore database provides access to many of Dr. Nemoto’s publications. Notably, the database provides access to several of her recent conference papers from the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) as well as some of her highly cited articles, including “System Design for a Long-Line Quantum Repeater,” which IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking published in 2009.

Current work and position

Dr. Nemoto is currently a professor in the Principles of Informatics Research Division at the NII. In addition, she serves as director of the Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science at the NII and is codirector of the Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics. Dr. Nemoto is also currently serving as a research team leader in the commissioned research area of quantum repeater technology for Project UQCC (Updating Quantum Cryptography and Communications).

As a leading researcher, Dr. Nemoto continues to publish and contribute to the growing field of quantum information science. For example, she recently coauthored and presented a paper on quantum repeaters at the March 2020 American Physical Society meeting. Through this research, Dr. Nemoto is helping to develop the understanding necessary for the development of quantum-enabled internet that will support novel methods of information communication in the future.

IEEE Quantum Week

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Nemoto and her research, be sure to listen to her keynote address at the upcoming IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering. Registration for this virtual event is now open.

In her presentation, “The Internet of Quantum Things,” Dr. Nemoto will address the need for greater adaptability in quantum devices and systems and describe a structure for integrated quantum systems featuring quantum computers and quantum networks. Additionally, she will offer her perspective on some of the fundamental challenges that researchers must overcome on the path to develop an internet of quantum things.


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