QCE20 Workshop on
Semiconductor-Inspired Engineering for Quantum Computing


Date and Time

  • Mon, Oct 12, 2020
  • 10:45─16:45 Mountain Time (MDT) — UTC-6



The goal of this workshop is to consolidate the requirements for building semiconductor-based quantum computers. Various aspects of semiconductor qubits will be covered, including the development of high-purity materials, large-scale integration, qubit characterization, cryo-electronics, device, and architecture design.  Expert speakers will deliver pre-recorded presentations on the above topics, in addition to being present for live Q&A sessions with discussions. With topics that scan the entire quantum computing stack, the workshop provides significant insight into the potential and challenges involved in building quantum computers from semiconductor qubits.

Target Audience

The topics covered during the workshop will ensure that the audience will have expertise from broad backgrounds spanning the aspects briefed in Section II. We anticipate significant interest, as the workshop is focused at the crossroads of academic and industrial research. With a substantial presence from industrial QC researchers at the IEEE Quantum Week conference, we expect many scientists from the industry to attend the workshop. Academic researchers interested in collaborating with the industry may also form a large fraction of the workshop attendees. Finally, we expect that the workshop will provide graduate students and early career researchers significant insight about potential research avenues and opportunities for industrial collaboration.


Date and Time

  • October 12, 2020
  • 10:45 – 16:45 split in three 1.5 hour sessions (Mountain Time Zone: Denver or UTC-6)

Session 1

  • 10:45─10:50 ─ Dr. Iuliana Radu: Opening Remarks (live)
  • 10:50─11:15 ─ Dr. Fahd Mohiyaddin: Basics of Silicon Qubits & Device Design (prerecorded)
  • 11:15─11:45 ─ Prof. Jason Petta, Princeton University: Silicon Qubit Characterization  (prerecorded)
  • 11:45─12:15 ─ Prof. John Morton, University College London: Silicon Quantum Architectures (prerecorded)

Session 2

  • 13:00─13:30 ─ Prof. Fabio Sebastiano: Cryo-CMOS for Silicon Qubits  (prerecorded)
  • 13:30─14:00 ─ Live Q&A Session with Discussions: Prof. Jason Petta, Prof. John Morton, Prof. Fabio Sebastiano, Dr. Iuliana Radu & Dr. Fahd Mohiyaddin: Device Design, Qubit Characterization, Quantum Architectures and Cryo-CMOS
  • 14:00─14:30 ─ Prof. Kohei Itoh: Materials for Semiconductor Qubits  (prerecorded)

Session 3

  • 15:15─15:45 ─ Dr. Ravi Pillarisetty: Large-Scale Qubit Integration  (prerecorded)
  • 15:45─16:15 ─ Prof. David Reilly: Cryogenic Interface for Several Qubits  (prerecorded)
  • 16:15─16:40 ─ Live Q&A Session and Discussion: Prof. Kohei Itoh, Dr. Ravi Pillarisetty, Prof. David Reilly, Dr. Iuliana Radu & Dr. Fahd Mohiyaddin :  Materials, Integration, and Cryogenic interface for Qubits.
  • 16:40─16:45 ─ Dr. Fahd Mohiyaddin: Concluding Remarks (live)

Confirmed Speakers

Contact Us

For more information about the workshop, please contact Fahd A. Mohiyaddin (fahd.ayyalil.mohiyaddin@imec.be) and Iuliana Radu (iuliana.radu@imec.be).