Call for Panel Proposals

Scope and Goal

IEEE Quantum Week 2020 aims to facilitate enlightening and impactful discussions among experts on different perspectives of quantum computing and engineering. Suggested panel topics include but are not limited to hardware-software co-design, hybrid computing, NISQ applications, post-quantum cryptography, quantum programming education & training, quantum workforce training, or frontiers of quantum information science & algorithms. The goal is to gather diverse researchers and practitioners in sharing their insightful perspectives and engaging the broader community in a dialogue. The length of each panel session is 45 minutes.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Panel proposals are accepted according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • The potential of the panel to stimulate discussion on quantum computing and engineering research and practice;
  • Expected interest in the panel’s topic among people in the quantum computing and engineering communities — creating excitement and drawing an audience
  • The credibility of the panelists across several dimensions including knowledge, experience, constructiveness, diversity 
  • Interactive nature of the panel’s format; will there be interaction with audience interaction (e.g., Fishbowl conversation)
  • Experience and ability of the panel’s proposers and moderator to organize a highly interactive and stimulating panel; and
  • Balance and synergy of the panel with respect to IEEE Quantum Week 2020 events
  • Abstract of the proposal should be clear, complete, and articulate and ready for publication on the IEEE Quantum Week 2020 website

Important Panel Proposal Submission Requirements

  • All participants, including panel organizers, invited speakers, and invited guests, must register for the panel. By submitting a panel proposal to IEEE Quantum Week 2020, you are making a commitment to register for the Technical Program and attend the conference upon acceptance of your panel proposal.
  • Please note, IEEE Quantum Week 2020 cannot guarantee to honor specific requests for holding the panel on specific dates. 

Panel Proposal Submission Format

Each panel proposal must conform at the time of submission to the IEEE formatting instructions and must not exceed 4 pages. Each proposal must be submitted via QCE20 EasyChair.

Each proposal must include the following sections, in the order specified below:

  • Panel title
  • Panel abstract (less than 200 words) and — optional but recommended — panelists’ photos suitable for the IEEE Quantum Week 2020 website.
  • Panel authors — Contact information for all panels organizers, main panel contact, panel moderator, specify, tentative panel participants; please check with your potential panelists before submitting a proposal — panel organizers must check with the people listed on the panel submission whether they agree to serve as panelists for the proposed panel; each listed panelist will receive an email upon submitting the panel proposal.
  • Panel motivation and objectives — how will the audience benefit.
  • Panel relevance to the fields of quantum computing and quantum engineering.
  • Detailed panel proposal and/or panelists’ position statements
  • Panel audience — Explanation of why the audience — with a mix of industry and research participation — will find the panel interesting and beneficial.
  • Panelist biographies — A brief biography of each panelist, including relevant past experience panel organizer, moderator or panelist.
  • Diversity — Diversity of panelists.

Panel Proposal Submission Deadlines

Panel abstract submission deadline: May 18, 2020 — via QCE20 EasyChair — Please submit panel abstracts early
Full panel proposal submission deadline: Extended to June 19, 2020 — via QCE20 EasyChair
Panel acceptance notification: Extended to July 30, 2020
Final panel abstract for proceedings submission deadline: Extended to July 30, 2020 — via QCE20 EasyChair
Panel organizers registration deadline: Extended to August 15, 2020

Panel Chair

Erik DeBenedictis, Zettaflops, LLC

Panel Abstract Included In Proceedings

The panel abstract — title, abstract, and panelists — will be included on two pages in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE20).